Regal embodies a commitment to crafters who have both experience and a refined perception of what makes a boat extra-ordinary.

If you have experience in any of the below areas or would like to start a career in the boating industry, please email your resume to

  • Manufacturing Supervision – Candidate needs:
    • To possess strong people skills
    • The ability to develop and coach team members
    • A tremendous sense of urgency
    • To have a positive outlook on challenges
    • To be goal oriented
    • To be an active leader who enjoys working on the floor.
  • Assemblers - Line workers who use power tools and hand tools to build our boats.
  • Sewer - Industrial sewer who has experience in double top stitch and must be able to sew vinyl, leather, and canvas.
  • Fiberglass Gel Coat Tech - Sprays gel coat onto mold (night shift)
  • Fiberglass Laminator - Laminate layers of fiberglass on molds.
  • Grinder - Prepares fiberglass part for rigging by trimming, cutting, grinding and drilling part.
  • Prefinisher - Inspect fiberglass parts for defective areas and repairs those using wax, polish and paint.