Saving Tips

Just like when you are looking for a good deal on a car, shop around!  There are many resources available to you to ensure you are getting the best deal.  Here are some tips and websites fellow team members have recommended.

Simply click on any logo below for a direct link to the provider.



Know before you go.  Our PPO network is Cigna PPO.  Many providers will take our insurance, but make sure you are using a doctor who is participating. On My Cigna you can find a participating provider, price check a procedure or service for providers in your area.  Sign-up today!

Magellan Rx

Sign-up for member access on Magellan's website where you can price check your medications and compare your local pharmacies' prices.

Taking expensive or brand-name medications? Ask your doctor for a generic equivalent or ask if there are discount cards available.  You can also Google your medication and go to the manufacturer's website.  A lot of times there are discounts available.

Guidewell Emergency Doctors provide emergency room services at urgent care prices.